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About Lisa Price

Lisa Price

With an intuitive sense of style, keen eye and love of beautiful things, Lisa Price creates chic and elegant homes that feel intimate and livable.

As a designer, Price’s style is fresh, transitional, and timeless. Intermingling diverse materials seamlessly, she mixes modern with classic, luxury furnishings with more affordable ones, and neutral paints with a splash of color. She integrates wallpapers and fabrics to add texture. Listening to her clients and translating their visions is of the utmost importance to Lisa in the design process. Mirroring her clients’ desires with her own sensibilities, she creates homes with timeless elegance. 

A genuine believer in the notion that a home is to be celebrated, Lisa strives to breathe life into every room. Her personable, trustworthy character and clean, composed style ensures lasting relationships and beautiful homes to enjoy for a lifetime.